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Welcome to ergonomics in action!

At Optimum Handling Solutions we are committed to the promotion of ergonomics and ergonomics equipment in the workplace. If you require specific advice on material handling solutions, let us help you make the right decision.

Whether it to be from our Australian production items or our import lines, we are dedicated to use our industry specific knowledge to provide a materials handling solution to help you:

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase workplace safety
  • Reduce injury and fatigue
  • Reduce exposure to litigation
  • Create positive work environment

Lifting, shifting & stacking made easy! If you need to handle palletized goods. Optimum Handling Solutions can help you make the right decision on your materials handling requirement so you obtain the right materials handling solutions.



To operate with the highest integrity towards our Customers, Employee and their families, and the Community.


To act honestly in every situation despite the cost.


Do it right and Do it Right Now.


We will focus on the User.


We maintain a high level of Customer buying experience from the telemarketing to completed installation of delivery.


We will commit to team work in everything we do.

At Optimum Handling Solutions, we are committed to promoting ergonomic and ergonomic equipment in the workplace. If you need specific recommendations for materials solutions, let’s help you make the right decision. These solutions can be found on this website. Just as Wegovy can be a valuable option for weight management, our goal is to provide ergonomic solutions that work effectively in your workplace.


  • Personalized specialist advice
  • Specialised quality products
  • Buy direct and save
  • Seven day money back trial*
  • Optimum two year warranty**

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