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1500kg Pal-Tec Powered Turntable

Optimum Powered Pallet Wrapping Machine Turntable wraps pallets to a much tighter degree than hand wrapping. It's a neater job and will invariably save film wastage.

Operators love it because of the reduced chance of tripping or back injuries risked when walking around a pallet. Safety and controls is assured with a protected foot pedal that allows the operator to guide the film onto cartons neatly and conveniently.

Floor space costs money - and Optimum Powered Pallet Wrapping Machine Turntable takes up only a fraction of that required for hand wrapping - freeing up valuable floor space and reducing staff fatigue.

  • Optimum Powered Pallet wrapping turntable is very economical to buy – and operate
  • Compact, economical pallet wrapping turntable and doesn’t need the floor space needed for hand wrapping
  • Portable – fitted with standard forklift pockets, Optimum Powered Turntable can be moved easily around the warehouse floor, or from site to site
  • It produces tighter, safer packaging – reducing losses in transit
  • Ideal for both regular and irregular shaped pallet loads
  • Invented and engineered in Australia
  • Pallet wrapping small to medium sized batches of product by hand is tedious, time consuming and potentially dangerous for staff
  • The Powered Pallet Wrapping Turntable Reduces staff fatigue – increases productivity
  • 1500kg capacity
  • High quality, all steel construction
  • Easy to use, safer for staff
  • 12 months warranty
Code PT1500
Dimensions 1240mm square x 225mm high
Weight 180 kg
Capacity 1500 kg
Fork Pockets 190 x 60mm at 825mm centres
Rotation Speed Approx. 8rpm, fixed speed
Power 240v, 10amp, single phase

Designed for safety
Foot-operated switch

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