Increase Productivity with a Customised Work Station.

Optimum Handling Solution’s custom work station for abattoirs and food processing plants will greatly assist operators when constantly sorting or packing products onto pallets that are over 1.5 m high.

Optimums palletising work stations usually consists of an elevated work platform, electric scissor lift tables and a belt top conveyor system that provide the ultimate solution for carton/product removal from stillage’s/conveyors that are to be packed onto pallets in the load out areas.

Scissor lift tables can be primarily implemented within the raised work station allowing the operators to pick product from the crate/stillage/conveyor quickly and efficiently without the constant hazard of bending and stretching that’s related to product handling.

The common load-out conveyor system continually feeds the finished products to the packing operator which picks and loads products onto pallets which are raised up on Optimums ever so popular Palevator spring lift unit.

By implementing Optimums ergonomic equipment and solution into the work place, a large abattoir and fruit processing plant measured the real benefits in speedier productivity and work place safety.
Optimum offers many customised designs to suit your particular operation – contact the Sales Team on 1800 066 008 to discuss your custom work station requirements.