Need to transfer goods from pallet to pallet in 90 seconds?

Increase productivity and reduce worker fatigue with a Pal-Tec Pallet Inverter.

Do you need to transfer palletised product quickly, safely and efficiently?

The Pal-Tec Pallet Inverter from Optimum Handling Solutions is ideal for fast transfer of product, cutting out the arduous and time consuming process of the manual restacking of products.

Whether you are manually transferring product from damaged pallets to acceptable pallets or from hired timber pallets to plastic pallets or even inspecting your stock – the pallet inverter allows you to overcome this material handling issue with ease.

The Pal Tec pallet inverter is operated by forklift driver from the seat using a remote control post.

This pallet inverter is a heavy duty yet simple to operate and well-priced. It has a small footprint and suits all standard pallets. The inverter unit is supplied with safety fencing on all three sides and can be specified with safety cut eye beams on entrance.

Why spend time and money manually transferring goods from pallet to pallet when the Pal-Tec Pallet Inverter will do it for you in 90 seconds!

You can increase your productivity dramatically with the release of labour and reduce fatigue & injury in your packaging and palletising operations with Pal-Tec Pallet Inverter from Optimum.

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