Optimum Handling’s hydraulic scissor lift table provide safety solution…

Optimum Handling’s hydraulic scissor lift table provide safety solution for QLD hospital.

Scissor lift systems are often overlooked as many businesses fail to see their potential to improve efficiencies and productivity. However, these organisations could benefit from hydraulic scissor lift tables available from Optimum Handling Solutions.

Optimum Handling Solutions hydraulic scissor lift tables are increasing in popularity with a number of industries that include:

  • Food manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Mining
  • Cabinet making
  • Metal parts and Construction industry

Optimum Handling Solutions recently completed a project for the Queensland hospital, where the site had been majorly redeveloped blocking pedestrian access to the hospital’s morgue. As a result, several issues regarding the safety of operatives and others were raised.

Optimum Handling were fortunately able to provide a solution. They suggested that the hospital install a hydraulic scissor lift table that would be able to carry up to three individuals, as well as related equipment, into the mortuary area with total ease.

Features of the hydraulic scissor lift table:

  • Custom 2,400mm x 1,400mm platform
  • Slip free surface
  • Safety controlled gates
  • Hand railings

The Townsville hospital acknowledged the work of the Engineer and Safety Officers at Optimum Handling Solutions and thanked them for their hard work. As a result health and safety at the hospital has be significantly improved.

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