Pallet dispenser saves space, time and cost and reduces accident risk

When Australia’s largest privately owned logistics company needed to streamline its warehouse operations, it turned to an innovative NSW-based materials handling solution provider – Optimum Handling Solution.

Linfox Logistics operates more than 3.8 million square metres of warehousing across 10 countries, but realised that not only did making the best use of every square metre make good financial sense, it would also help the company minimise the risk of injuries to its staff.

Usually, stacks of pallets would be assembled and dissembled by forklifts, requiring considerable manoeuvring room; they couldn’t be stacked too high for fear of collapse; and frequently needed manual handling which was both time-consuming and posed a risk to staff.

Optimum Handling Solutions designed and manufactured a efficient pallet dispenser which holds up to 15, 20, 25, 45 or even 90 pallets and can dispense them at a rate of 120 an hour. The pallet dispenser does the lifting, therefore pallets can easily be retrieved by ride-on or manual pallet trucks. Pallets can be easily collected and taken away even when the stack is 90 pallets high, with each new pallet added or dispensed from the bottom of the stack – a much safer and quicker alternative than using a forklift to remove one from the top of a pile.

By installing the units in its new distribution centre, Linfox was able to create “forklift free zones” and entirely eliminate the manual handling of pallets, thus helping avoid back, foot and finger injuries that lead to Workers’ Compensation claims and lost time, while simultaneously reducing pallet damage caused by careless handling.

Linfox was also able to make best use of space in the new centre, reducing the wasted space occupied by short pallet stacks, and increase staff productivity. Contact Optimum Handling Solutions to discuss your warehousing requirements.


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