Pallet gates from Optimum Handling Solutions enhance productivity…

Pallet gates from Optimum Handling Solutions enhance productivity and safety

Optimum Handling Solutions offers a range of safety gate solutions for elevated material platforms and mezzanines.

Pallet gates for instance, are a range of safety gates designed specifically to eliminate risks and hazards to workers in warehouses, distribution centres and factories. Pallet gates enable workers to go about their tasks without the risk of injury. In addition to protecting employees on the work floor, mezzanine floor pallet gates also ensure that organisations do not face legal claims for lack of adherence to necessary health and safety requirements. Pallet gates are ideal for elevated mezzanines, mezzanines, elevated mixing machines, parts warehousing, picking/packaging areas and loading docks. In addition to a standard range, which has been designed to meet the most common requirements of organisations running warehouses and factories, Optimum also offers custom solutions to meet specific requirements. Optimum Handling Solutions designs safety gates to secure the ledges of pallet drop areas on mezzanines and rack picking systems. The safety gates create controlled access areas with dual counterbalanced gates to ensure one gate is always in place to secure the ledge. Optimum’s gates are designed to meet or exceed the appropriate standards for elevated work platforms, which require the use of a dual gate system to secure all pallet drop areas.

Key benefits of Optimum’s pallet safety gates:

  • Increases personnel safety on elevated mezzanines
  • Increases productivity for material handling
  • Easy opening swing gate
  • Available in custom sizes
  • Quality construction ensures low maintenance
  • Designed for new construction projects
  • Adaptable for existing systems
  • Protection at elevated opening for employees
  • Allows material to be moved easily to an elevated area
  • Economical operation; requires no electricity

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