PD20 Pal-Tec Pallet Dispensing machines from Optimum…

PD20 Pal-Tec Pallet Dispensing machines from Optimum Handling Solutions

Optimum Handling Solutions are pleased to announce that all PD20 Pal-Tec Pallet Dispensing machines now include an ‘auto eye’ feature as standard. The ‘auto eye’ allows the operator to remain on the pallet truck platform throughout loading, as the need to manually operate the machine to dispense pallets has been eliminated.

The ‘auto eye’ concept was designed by Optimum Handling Solutions in response to requests from production mangers in the processing industry to make the dispensing machines more user friendly.

The PD20 Pal-Tec Pallet Dispensing machine ‘auto eye’ has the ability to detect when another pallet is required and automatically dispenses another pallet to replace it.

The operator of the PD20 Pal-Tec is only required to operate the control panel once it has been emptied and needs to be refilled.

Features and benefits of the PD20 Pal-Tec:

  • Air operated
  • Front and rear dispense points
  • Increased safety
  • Can simply connect to an existing air line
  • Quiet and
  • Low maintenance

The PD20 is an ideal unit for pallet load out or packing areas where empty pallets are needed constantly or where fork lift access is limited.

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