Scissor Lift Table – The Perfect De-Palletising Solution

In manufacturing & processing plants and also warehousing & distribution sites across Australia, Optimum’s Scissor Lift tables have become very popular in order to palletise and de-palletise goods safely and efficiently.

A national warehousing company recently approached OHS with an issue when unloading goods from a high number of pallets each day. The risk of injury was high due to operators having to bend below waist and above elbow height in order to unpack the pallets for sorting.

One of OHS experienced consultants assessed the situation and chose the LTH2010 – 2000kg Heavy Duty Lift Table with the Logic Lift Height Sensor option and the Palturn turn table for the application. The ever so popular logic lift height sensor unit keeps the pallet at the perfect working height throughout the whole unloading procedure – resulting in a safe and efficient de-palletising process.

Eight of these pallet elevating units were put into action in four of the company’s distribution centres in NSW, VIC, QLD and WA along with Optimum’s durable gravity conveyor system.

With the issues of safety being significantly reduced and productivity increased, the result was an outstanding change for this global giant. The plant manager of the NSW site was extremely pleased with the final solution. He said “The whole de-palletising process has sped up amazingly and most importantly has reduced a lot of safety hazards that the employees were in danger of.”

Why not revolutionise your work place with the Optimum Scissor Lift table!

With many different applications and issues arising each day, Optimum Group has the customised solution for you.