Welcome to our Product Category page dedicated to Conveyors, where you can explore a wide range of solutions designed to streamline material handling processes. Whether you’re looking for belt conveyors, roller conveyors, or specialized conveyor systems, you’ll find the perfect equipment here to optimize your operations.

One of our featured offerings in this category is the versatile work platform conveyor. These platforms provide an elevated surface for workers to perform tasks efficiently and safely at various heights. They are ideal for tasks such as sorting, assembly, and inspection. With our high-quality work platform conveyors, you can significantly enhance productivity while ensuring the safety of your workforce.

Browse our selection today to discover the best conveyor solutions for your needs.

Optimums range of straight gravity roller conveyors are available in both mild steel or stainless steel. Optimums conveyors are available in various widths and heights which make it suited for handling packages, boxes, cartons, bundles, and bags. Optimums conveyers can be supplied in 1.5m or 3m sections, or custom lengths if required, which allows simple and effective production line conveying with the additional use of Optimums Scissor lift tables and pallet elevators to create a constant flow when palletising product. These are ideal for our palletising work platforms.

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