Pallet Tilters – Freezer Spacer Removal Units

Discover our cutting-edge Pallet Tilters and Freezer Spacer Removal Machines, essential tools for streamlined pallet handling and freezer storage efficiency. Our Freezer Spacer Tilter is designed to precisely tilt pallets, making it easier to remove frozen spacers, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow in cold storage environments.

For hassle-free spacer removal, our Freezer Spacer Removal Machine offers a convenient and automated solution, minimizing manual labor and reducing the risk of injury. Both machines are engineered for durability and reliability, providing long-lasting performance in demanding freezer environments.

Explore our product category to enhance your pallet handling processes and optimize your freezer storage operations with our innovative solutions.

Premier Pallet Tilter – Freezer Spacer Removal System

Optimums industry-proven Premier Freezer Spacer Removal System operates at an ergonomic working table height to allow simple pallet replacement and freezer spacer removal. The Premier FSR1500- g95 offers a basic alternative to the conventional 180 degree inverters. By tipping the load on its side just beyond 90° and opening the top clamp, the load is allowed to glide gently away from the pallet enabling its removal and exchange. All machines painted with two coats of zinc primer and a 2 pack epoxy acrylic top coat as standard.

The Pallet Tilter frees up dock space and remove freezer spacers up to 90% faster than stacking or restacking boxes by hand—a “must have” item for most frozen food, cold storage, and meat/poultry facilities. Access at ground level entry with a manual or electric pallet truck. This machine is operated via lever controls.

Special sizes built to requirements

With two basic maximum jaw openings of 2250mm and 1950mm. We can also build special sizes on request. The FSR-1500-G95 has a 1500 kg capacity and works best with block-stacked, usually boxed, goods. Its robust construction makes it particularly suitable for coldstore operations where its also ideal for freezer separator removal.

– Pallet truck and forklift load
– Lever controls, with a ‘hold to run’ button, mounted on a boom arm
– 2000mm high steel mesh guards to rear & sides
– Sliding skate on sidewall to move load away from pallet
– Rollers on front edge to assist with pallet replacement
– 5o forward tilt, to aid with the removal of spacers
– Oil reservoir, hydraulic pump and motor built onto the sub-frame with a removable wash-down hood
– 12 months warranty
– Finish: 2 coats zinc primer, with high quality, 2 pack epoxy acrylic top coat.
– Machine: Blue Ral 5002; Guards: Yellow
– Manufactured in the UK

Optional Upgrades
– Push button control system
– Laser Guarding, push button control required for this option
– Powered Skate Table
– 2000kg capacity

Electrical Works not included

Model FSR1500-G95
Max. Jaw Opening 1950mm
Min. Jaw Opening 1110mm
Loading Table Size 1270 x 1270
Capacity 1500kg
Power Source 3 phase, 415V, 60Hz, 30 amp
Footprint 2000x3000mm
Control Lever Controls
Weight 1500kg
Guard weight 300kg
Motor 2.2kw